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Småkassen is the NEW way to shop for children's clothing.
Your child will get quality clothes, matching your style.


More than 1800 Småkassen delivered! You can trust us!

How it works

As parents of 5 kids ourselves we understand that you may not always have time to go shopping for new kids clothing. It takes a lot of time to find quality clothing in matching outfits. Often it involves going to different shops to find what you need.

This is where we can help - our personal shopper service offers you an alternative to the shopping stress.

1. Create your personal profile

Så opprett en profil for barna dine

We know that each child is unique in terms of size and personality. Therefore, you create a unique profile per child.

Fill out the style quiz to help us get to know your style so it is easier to choose the clothes you want. It only takes a few minutes to complete a profile.

2. We do the work for you

Mens vi forbereder Småkassen din

Each Småkassen is unique. We hand pick clothes from a wide variety of brands based on the unique profile(s) you have created.

This ensures that each delivery is tailored specifically to your needs.

3. Be surprised

Kos dere med forundringspakken

Our goal is that you will be happy with the whole Småkassen, but if you are not, you only pay for what you want to keep.

You always get free shipping, and if you decide to keep at least half of your clothes, you also get free returns.

More than 1800 Småkassen delivered!

You can trust us!


Adapted to your budget

We want to offer you as much flexibility as possible, you decide how much you want to spend. You can change this for each delivery.

Use the slider to adjust the size of the box.

We use recommended prices from the brands we carry. With us, the clothes cost the same as in other stores (we do not have sales), and we stick to your budget. Some brands and garments are more expensive than others, so it varies how many garments you get.

If you keep everything, you get a 10% discount on the value (including news seasonal items).


You always get free shipping. We work together with DHL Express to give you the best experience possible.


Before you pay anything, you have 7 days to try everything at home. Keep more than half and you get free returns for the rest.


Prices start at 149,- Euro per child per box. We take case of any import costs for you.

How it feels

A super surprise

It is an excuting moment when you open your Småkassen

Enjoy the anticipation and excitement when you receive a Småkassen delivered to your door.

Opening it together with your children is a joyful experience.

Your own fashion show

I am pleased with Småkassen because you never know what you get

Imagine having your own fashion show as you try on the new clothing we have carefully selected for your child.

You can trust us that your child will receive only the best.

No stress

You get the Småkassen delivered right at the door and that is very convinient

Spend your valuable free time with your children. After you have told us what you like, we will do the rest.

You save time and get what you have always wanted.

Customer experiences

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Only the best brands

All the brands you will find in your Småkassen are carefully selected based on their quality, their fit and of course how they think about their environmental and social responsibilities.

Småkassen examples

We hand pick all clothing from a wide selection of quality brands based on the unique profile(s) you created, making each Småkassen uniquely yours. Below are a few examples to give you an idea of what you can expect in your Småkassen.


In this Småkassen we see items from MeMini and Krutter beautifully combined.

Cool & Colorful

A supper cool shiny jacket and colorful dress both from Molo.


A few cute outfits from MeMini combined with the very cure hairclips from Den lille priken over i'en.


A lovely combination from Shirley Bredal, MarMar and Krutter.


A few cool outfits from Molo very colorful and comfortable.


A beautiful outfit from Livly and one from MeMini.