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Must say your advertising emails are quite ok compared to other advertising emails!!
Must say your advertising emails are quite ok compared to other advertising emails!!
— Regine

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Your Småkassen will contain hand-picked quality clothing from well-known brands. We are committed to quality, value, safety and comfort. We know what your child needs and have therefore selected only the very best products.

All the brands you will find in your Småkassen are carefully selected based on their quality, their fit and of course how they think about their environmental and social responsibilities. It is very important to us that there are no dangerous substances in the clothing that can be harmful to the delicate skin of your baby/child. The clothes must also be ethically manufactured.

We can deliver clothes from size 56 up to 140 and if needed bigger on request.

This is not an automatic subscription.

Småkassen is not a fixed subscription like that of a magazine. You will not get a new box automatically, instead you have 100 % control over if and when you want to receive your next box. The only thing that happens automatically is that 7 weeks after delivery of your Småkassen you will receive an email from us.

If after you have received your first Småkassen you do nothing, then you will NOT get a new kassen sent to you.

In this email you will be asked to update the details for your the next delivery. You can change pretty much anything, such as the size of the box, the size of the clothing, the style, etc.

Yes, you can order a Småkassen and then after delivery cancel your subscription. This will stop the reminder emails, you would not have gotten a new Småkassen automatically anyway (see the subscription question).

Are you not happy with the purchase? No problem! You have 90 days to return the items we selected for you. Contact us before you want to return the items so we can give you instructions.

Please note that the items cannot be worn, washed and should have all labels attached.