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The perfect gift for parents
Småkassen gift cards!

Take the guessing out of gifting kids clothing. With a Småkassen gift card for parents and their kids, we will combine a gift box with quality clothes, in the styles their parents love.

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Why parents love it?

1 It is personal

We will pick pieces based on their style, size and budget.

2 It is easy

They’ll get high-quality clothes and accessories delivered straight to their door.

3 It is fun

Just like a gift in person, the box’s contents will be a surprise.

How does it feel?

Below are two unboxing videos both of Kaylie, the first box is her own and the second is for her little baby brother.

How cute is she when deciding to take her new purse to school 🤗

How awesome to give such a gift ❤️

How a gift card works

1 Decide how much to give

You will give the best gift ever without having to worry about what to buy. The parents, not you, will fill out the style quiz.

2 Give the gift card

The parent who get your amazing gift will fill out the style quiz to help us get to know their kids and their style. No guessing needed from your end.

3 We do the work 🛍

Each Småkassen is unique. We hand pick clothes from a wide variety of brands based on the unique profile(s) they have created.

4 They get the surprise 😍

We can send the kassen directly to the parents receiving it, or we can send it to you so you can give it to them in person. You are not only giving them clothes they need and love, but also peace of mind as they don't have to shop themselves.

5 They keep what they love ❤️

We do our best to select what we believe they will love, but if for some reason they don't like something then we can exchange it into something else.

What is in a Småkassen?

Småkassen contains hand-picked quality clothing from well-known brands and maybe a toy or a useful product. We know what your child needs and have therefore selected only the very best products.

We are committed to quality, value, safety and comfort. Our partners are thus hand-picked to meet these criteria.

Some Småkassen examples

We hand pick all clothing from a wide selection of quality brands based on the unique profile(s) you created, making each Småkassen uniquely yours. Below are a few examples to give you an idea of what you can expect in your Småkassen.

A Småkassen with Molo, MeMini and Gullkorn
( kr. 2000 / € 200 ).
A Småkassen with Molo and MarMar
( kr. 2000 / € 200 ).
A Småkassen with MarMar and Gullkorn
( kr. 1500 / € 150 ).
A Småkassen with Gullkorn, MarMar, Krutter and Sebra
( kr. 2000 / € 200 ).
A Småkassen with just Alba
( kr. 2000 / € 200 ).