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How it feels

As parents of 5 kids ourselves we understand that you may not always have time to go shopping for new kids clothing. It takes a lot of time to find quality clothing in matching outfits. Often it involves going to different shops to find what you need.

This is where we can help - our personal shopper service offers you an alternative to the shopping stress.

A super surprise

It is an excuting moment when you open your Småkassen

Enjoy the anticipation and excitement when you receive a Småkassen delivered to your door.

Opening it together with your children is a joyful experience.

Your own fashion show

I am pleased with Småkassen because you never know what you get

Imagine having your own fashion show as you try on the new clothing we have carefully selected for your child.

You can trust us that your child will receive only the best.

No stress

You get the Småkassen delivered right at the door and that is very convinient

Spend your valuable free time with your children. After you have told us what you like, we will do the rest.

You save time and get what you have always wanted.