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Are you an influencer?

No matter if you are big or small or not an influencer at all, we would love ❤️ for you to showcase our Småkassen concept to your friends and followers.

We do things different

Since we want to show-case our complete Småkassen experience we always have to send minimally our smallest Småkassen, but unfortunatelly that also means that we can only work with people that have a certain minimum reach.

And that means we have to say "no thank you" to a lot of people who we would really like to work with.

So we found a different way to work together, one that can fit everybody.

You get a discount based on your reach.

It is a sliding discount, so depending on the number of followers you get a specific discount. When you are talking about a blog we can look at the number of unique weekly visitors.

Followers: 500

NOK 100
SEK 100
DKK 80
EUR 10

The work

The work we want you to do is relatively simple:

  • Make an unpacking video and transfer the rights to us so we can use it in our advertising.
  • We want these to feel as natural as possible, we would love the kids in there as well.
  • Post the video on your social media account(s) or blog then tag us so people know where to find us.
  • If you can a nice picture would also be much appreciated.
  • That's it!

What is most important to us is that our concept is properly explained and shown.

So the main focus should be on the experience, from ordering till receiving the Småkassen.

This is much more important to us then the actual clothes we deliver. Which should of course still be shown, we just don't want any videos of only the clothes.

How does it work?

  • Contact us first so we can say yes or no!
  • We will then agreed upon the work and the discount you will get, no surprises afterwards.
  • Then you "buy" your Småkassen on our website, if you have enough followers to get a complete Småkassen in exchange for the work then just go up to the payment page BUT don't pay. If you don't have a big enough following then you wil get a discount coupon.
  • You decide everything regarding styles ect and also the size Småkassen that you want to receive. Maybe you want 2 of our smallest, or 1 bigger one, you decide. This way you get the full experience!
  • When the Småkassen is delivered you should start working on your video asap. We are parents as well and understand when "shit" happens, but we do expect you to contact us in such cases.
  • We think it is reasonable to expect the work to be done within 7 days after delivery, but other arrangements can of course be made.

Some extra rules

Again, contact us first so we can say yes or no!

Please complete the form below and include a short description as well as links to your social media account(s) and or blog.

  • The video you give us should not contain watermarks, stickers or something refering to your account, just the clean video.
  • The video should be provided in the highest resolution you can.
  • You should tag us, not the brands we deliver, you can ofcourse tell people what you got, but the main focus should be on Småkassen.
  • Unless agreed upon you can only do this once, but you can order multiple Småkassen for different kids at the same time.
  • We will verify your social media / blog account.
  • We reserve the right for any reason to say no.
  • We can exchange clothes if needed, but you cannot send it back in exchange for money.

Contact us with any questions!

Happy Unpacking

Mona & Mark

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