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Do you have questions?

Do you have questions?

Please contact us with any questions you may have at or via Facebook Messenger.

About Småkassen

Your Småkassen will contain hand-picked quality clothing from well-known brands. We are committed to quality, value, safety and comfort. We know what your child needs, and have therefore selected only the very best products.

All the brands you will find in your Småkassen are carefully selected based on their quality, their fit, and of course how they think about their environmental and social responsibilities. It is very important to us that there are no dangerous substances in the clothing that can be harmful to the delicate skin of your baby/child. The clothes must also be ethically manufactured.

With twins you have to order a Småkassen for each child, but we can of course make sure that the clothes match. If you want that then please tell us in a comment.

We try to deliver your Småkassen as soon as possible. Currently delivery times are a bit longer and range from a few days till a week.

If we need to order clothes, we will contact you. Normally this takes approx. 1 to 2 weeks.

We can deliver clothes from size 56 up to 140 and if needed bigger on request.

About the subscription

This is not an automatic subscription.

Småkassen is not a fixed subscription like that of a magazine. You will not get a new box automatically, instead you have 100 % control over if and when you want to receive your next box. The only thing that happens automatically is that 7 weeks after delivery of your Småkassen you will receive an email from us.

If after you have received your first Småkassen you do nothing, then you will NOT get a new kassen sent to you.

In this email you will be asked to update the details for your the next delivery. You can change pretty much anything, such as the size of the box, the size of the clothing, the style, etc.

Yes, you can order a Småkassen and then after delivery cancel your subscription. This will stop the reminder emails, you would not have gotten a new Småkassen automatically anyway (see the subscription question).

You of course can, just send an email to and we'll pause it for as long as you want.

About costs

We offer a Småkassen with quality clothes for different budgets. The price of a Småkassen ranges between 150 and 500 GBP all depending on how much clothing you need and the amount you want to spend.

The contents of the Småkassen will have minimally the value of the amount you pay, based on the recommended retail prices from our suppliers.

You will often get extra value because it is difficult to choose clothes for an exact amount. For example, some brands are cheaper than others and different items from one brand have different prices.

The average retail price per item ranges from 15 to 50 GBP.

There’s NO styling fee.

Are the prices not in the correct currency, then you can change this by clicking on the flag on the top of this page and change your country.

Yes, all prices shown are per delivery.

Delivery is always free.

All taxes and import costs are included in the price.

We ship from Norway and we will arrange for taxes and import fees to be paid.

Depending on the country you live in we can offer different payment options. F.ex. in many countries you can pay via invoice using either Klarna or Afterpay from Arvato. In all countries you can pay using your credit card or via PayPal. Then there are also a few country specific payment methods like Vipps in Norway, Giropay in Germany, iDEAL in Holland and Sofort in Germany and Belgium.

The different payment methods are automatically selected for you depending on the country you live in.

Read more: Payment Information.

None of our clothes comes on sale. We are here to make shopping a joyful experience. You save time and don't have to worry about your childrens wardrobe. We spend a lot of time choosing the perfect outfits for you, you can think of us as the personal shopper for your kids.

And we want to maintain a loyal relationship with you and believe that one of the best ways to do this is to avoid having to worry about future discounts.

Refunds for items you did not want to keep will also go into your Sparekassen.

For these refunds you can also request them to be refunded to your account.

About returns

Are you not happy with the purchase? No problem! You have 1 year to return the items we selected for you. Contact us before you want to return the items so we can give you instructions.

Please note that the items cannot be worn, washed and should have all labels attached.

After delivery you will have received an email from us with a link to finalise your delivery. Please first complete this form.

Then contact us at so we can send you instructions.

Of course, treat your clothes the way you want us to do when we send it to you. We have to give them to someone else, so fold them neatly and protect them. Used or washed clothes will not be refunded.

You are responsible for returning the clothing. Damaged goods due to poor packaging will not be refunded.

Returns are free within 7 days after delivery.

We will provide a paid-for return label, which will ensure a safe and fast return of the items you don't want to keep.

If it takes you more than 7 days to return the items, then we will charge a restocking fee of 20 GBP.

About the Sparekassen

Our prepay subscription, or the Sparekassen as we call it, is a way to help parents smooth out the cost of buying kids clothes during the year.

Instead of having higher costs every two, three to four months you can save a smaller amount each month and when you need new clothes for your kids then the saved up amount is waiting for you in your Sparekassen.

When you cancel your Småkassen account we will of course refund any build up funds in your Sparekassen.

Yes of course you can! You can manage your subscription here My Subscriptions.

Yes of course you can! You can manage your subscription here My Subscriptions.

If you suddenly need a new Småkassen before you have saved up enough or you need a bigger Småkassen then anticipated, then you can easily pay the remaininng amount using any of our payment methods.

If you don't use all the funds in your Sparekassen then they can be used for a future Småkassen.

All though you can, we recommend that you buy your first Småkassen the traditional way.

This way you will get your Småkassen as soon as possible and it also gives you time to build up enough funds in your Sparekassen before you need your next Småkassen.

About returning pre-loved clothes

The points you get for returning pre-loved Småkassen clothes will go into your Sparekassen.