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BREAKING - Klarna and so much more news

Send: 2020-02-14

Hi Mark,

It has already been 2 weeks since my previous email, and we have not been sitting still 😁

Let's start with something that we have had many requests for; Klarna

Payment methods

Yes! We can now offer payment by invoice in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Norway! And in all these countries, except for the Netherlands, you can also split the bill into multiple part payments. All provided by Klarna!

You could already pay by invoice using Afterpay in the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, and Norway, so some of you can pick and choose the one they like the best. On a side note; I have not yet moved Afterpay to the new payment page, that will happen in the next few days.

We have always thought that the way you can pay is also a big part of the service we offer. Whether you want a specific payment method because you trust it more or just because it let's you stay in the couch, we want to adapt to you 🤗

Now on to the more interesting stuff

In the past few weeks we have been getting so many boxes from our brands filled with items from the latest collection SS20. We already have new clothes from Molo, MarMar, Småfolk, Lilleba, and Krutter.

And there is even more on the way from Alba, MeMini, and Livly. And if that is not enough we are also expecting the release of the SS20 collection from 4 Funky Flavours and Little Hedonist soon.

Check out our previous emails with news from Shirley Bredal and MarMar.

Soon I'll send you more examples of all the new things we can put in your Småkassen 🤗

Happy Unpacking!

Mona & Mark

Btw got friends in other countries, or taking a longer vacation and need your trusted clothes delivered there 😆 we can now ship to these countries.

Delivery countries

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