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Big family small house solutions

Send: 2020-01-29

Hi there Mark,

As you may know we have a slightly bigger family than the European average of 2.3 kids per household, in fact we more than doubled that with 5 stunning kids 😍

And even though it is amazing in so many different ways, it does also bring along some challenges 😁

In Western Europe it is very normal, one might even say; expected, that each child has their own room. Especially in Norway, with a population density of only 15 per square kilometer, you might say that having enough room is generally speaking not an issue here.

But this of course also greatly depends on the mind set of the parents. Unfortunately, in our case we choose our last house with our hearts and not so much with our minds. Resulting in a family of 7 living in a 79 square meter, but very cute house in the center of Bergen.

That is a population density of 886 per Km2 😆 you might say it's slightly crowded, or perhaps cosy, that is a much nicer way to think about it.

We have 2 rooms for our 5 kids, 3 girls and 2 boys, you wouldn't be surprised when I tell you how to devided the kids, so I won't tell you. A well observed reader may have noticed that this means that the girls have the upperhand in our family, which is exactly why we got a boy dog to even things out a bite eh bit.

In a small house you naturally also find small rooms, it would be weird to find large rooms in a small house. All though, and thankfully, our bathroom seems too large for our house.

Anyway, the sleeping arrangement for the boys was easy, instead of 2 beds next to other and leaving no more room to play we would stack them on top of each other.

The bunkbed!

Double bunkbed

The girls also got a bunkbed, and our youngest, Adelina, was sleeping in a lovely bed from Sebra.

The great thing about this Sebra bed is that it starts small and can be extended into a larger size when the child has grown too much.

Their room, however, could not!

Sebra bed

Once we determind that Adelina was not going to stop growing and the room wasn't going to magically become bigger we started to look for a different solution.

What works for 2 should also work for 3, look at behold;

The Triple Bunkbed!

Triple bunkbed

It is a monster of a bed, it is as long as it is high and will let the kids grow until they are 2 meters long, which hopefully won't happen, not with what we are feeding them anyway.

It is currently trying to cross the canal between the UK and Norway, since it is plain wood I assume it floats really well.

Now before you think, those rooms look big enough, let me say that these are not our rooms. The actual rooms are no where near picture ready, at least not if you want to see the beds. An other side affect of a small house with many kids, or perhaps just kids 😆

So we solved our lack of space in the same way they do in any growing city we went upwards.

I can't wait for the puzzle to arrive, so I can enjoy an evening building, and dismantling to then building it correctly.

You'll find the small bed on soon 😊

Happy Unpacking!

Mona & Mark

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