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Send: 2020-03-08

Hi Mark,

Today is International Women's Day as many brands have probably already pointed out to you, one of them promoting their Pippi clothes because "She's the worlds strongest girl", another showing their female hit serries.

But did you know it originated in August 1910 at an International Socialist Women's Conference. 100 women delegates from 17 countries agreed on the establishment of an annual "Women's Day" to promote equal rights including the right to vote for women.

March 8
International women's day

In 1914, International Women's Day was held on March 8 in Germany, possibly because that day was a Sunday, and now it is always held on March 8 in all countries.

In 1977, the United Nations General Assembly invited member states to proclaim March 8 as the UN Day for women's rights and world peace.

There is a lot of history behind International Women's Day and if you want to read more then go to this great Wikipedia article about it.

Mona & Mark

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