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Contracting for Santa

Send: 2019-11-17

In August 2017 Mr. Claus contacted us with the request that parts of his Northpole operations would be outsourced to Småkassen, specifically their "kids clothes" division.

The main objective for the Northpole Enterprise is to reduce the number of returns and/or exchanges after Christmas due to style mismatches. Santas' research concluded that Småkassen would be the best alternative to offload his elves workforce as well as improve overall satisfaction levels from kids and their parents.

The traditional requests are still being handled by our main workforce in the Northpole; wish lists containing, for example, a "red firetruck" cannot really go wrong.

But whenever we get something like; "a nice outfit" or just "pants and sweaters" then we don't really know what to do with that. This is where the advanced knowledge of Småkassen comes into play. Their understanding of kids, their clothes and what their parents would love is levels beyond our own.

We are proud to give you a small peek behind the scenes of the current Christmas preparations at Småkassen, of course with the permission of Mr. Claus.

Got to the behind the scenes 1, and behind the scenes 2 videos.

Do you also want to hire us to prepare a Småkassen for your kids or perhaps grandkids (we also have gift cards) then just follow the link below.

Happy Unpacking!

-Mona & Mark

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