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Send: 2020-03-07

Hi there Mark,

As the Småkassen family constantly grows and grows we also get more and more requests for bigger and bigger clothes (now there is a sentence to be proud off) 😁

Which is great, but it comes with a challenge, most kids' clothing brands only go up to 7-8 years in size 😱 so if your child needs a bigger size than suddenly the range of brands you can select from has been sliced in half, twice!

That is why we are happy that some of our favorite brands like Molo, 4 Funky Flavours, Lilleba, and Alba do offer bigger sizes. And now we are so happy that Levi's 👖 is also joining the ranks of brands that we can put in your Småkassen when your child needs a bigger size than 7-8 years 😍

Levi's Kids' now in your Småkassen

They of course also have many items in smaller sizes that are amazing!

Tell us; Would you like to receive Levi's in your Småkassen?

Happy Unpacking!

Mona & Mark

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