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Do you want examples?

Send: 2019-12-20

Hi there Mark,

"Can I see more examples of what I may get in a Småkassen?"

We got this question so often that it started reminding me of my kids asking for something over and over and over again 😆

We know showing pictures is important, everything we do is completely trust based! If we can add some trust by showing more examples then we are all for that.

But, taking pictures takes a lot of time; putting up lamps, a flat underlay to put the clothes on, taking a picture by guessing where to hold the camera and finally checking out the picture and post processing minor details.

So yeah, it takes a lot of time, time we don't really have, at least it did 😉

We figured out a solution that makes all of this so much simpler and it takes as long as it takes to arrange the clothes. Take a look at our modest solution 🤗

Twins holdinng their Småkassen

Now Mona can take a picture of pretty much all Småkassen that she prepares for our members. And these pictures can be used on our website, social media and also as a preview (for those that want one).

Take a look at our new
Småkassen Examples Page.

Twins holdinng their Småkassen

Happy Unpacking!

Mona & Mark

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