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For 2 sisters and 2 brothers

Send: 2019-11-25

We got a happy surprise when we got this request in from a lovely mom from Holland. She had already gotten two boxes from us before for her son, but little did we know as this time she wanted us to prepare four Småkasser for her two girls and two boys.

So yeah this was fun to combine, of course the kids have their own styles, but Mona tried to make it match somewhat regardless.

Let's take a look!

Box 1

This first box is for her ten your old girl.

Twins holdinng their Småkassen

Now Mona selected; an Adele black trousers, Hilda wintry check jacket from Molo. Polly dark denim and Leo Taren darkest blue top from MarMar.

Twins holdinng their Småkassen

Box 2

The seconnd box is for her eight year old girl.

Twins holdinng their Småkassen

Based on this profile Mona selected the following items; A Romaine black polo neck, Genie Autumn leaf cardigan, Beritta wintry check skirt, and rib tights rosewater. All from Molo. Polly light denim blue trousers and a Leo Tessie brown top from MarMar.

Mona did add pink tights as this would go perfectly together with the Molo skirt, even though the profile indicated no pink.

Twins holdinng their Småkassen

Box 3

The third box is for her 7 year old boy.

Twins holdinng their Småkassen

This time Mona selected; Stomp! sweater from 4 Funky Flavours, Primo L forrest shadow trousers and Theo cinnamon shirt from MarMar. Mike Jupiter sweater and Aksel worn denim from Molo.

Twins holdinng their Småkassen

Box 4

The last box is for her almost 5 year old boy and this is a smaller box than the others have gotten.

Twins holdinng their Småkassen

He gets an Aksel dark indigo trousers from Molo, Finn sweater from MeMini, Theo cinnamon shirt from MarMar and a pirate ship kit from Belle and Boo.

Twins holdinng their Småkassen

As you can see, we can deliver a nice variation of clothes matching individual wishes but that still work well together. Regardless of how many kids you have.

Why not order your next Småkassen right now?

Happy Unpacking!

-Mona & Mark

P.S. Keep an eye out on our Instagram as we will be doing a few giveaways between now and New Years!

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