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Getting ready for the holidays (part 1)

Send: 2019-11-05

Hey Mark, are the kids ready for the holidays? It's a busy time ahead of us. Christmas and New Years Eve are coming up with family dinners in between, and in Holland Sinterklaas before that.

These are some of the outfits that you can expect in your Småkassen when you ask for our special holiday box, we can also mix these with regular clothes.

Småfolk outfit

These cute Småfolk-outfits are perfect for running around the Christmas tree 🎄⛄️🦌🛷💙💗

Molo outfit

Has your girl had it with the little princess dresses and wants something cool? Then this outfit from Molo could be perfect for her 🎄😎

MarMar outfit

Stylish and romantic outfits for the younger girls from MarMar ❤️💙 Comfortable and super cute, the perfect combination.

MarMar outfit

🔶 Let's not forget about the boys. There stylish outfits from MarMar are perfect for the holiday season 🔶🎄🎅

Småfolk outfit

Adorable suits from Småfolk with winter print 🐧🦌❄️🛷 You'll be jalous when you see your kids cozying up on the couch in these soft clothes.

See anything you like? Click the link below and get your next Småkassen now.

Tomorrow we'll send part 2.

Happy unpacking!

-Mona & Mark

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