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Getting ready for the holidays (part 2)

Send: 2019-11-06

Hey again Mark, are you ready for part 2 with even more amazing outfit suggestions?

Ok, let's go!

Nisselandskap by Småfolk

You can't really go wrong with these super cute, matching sibling outfits from MeMini, they are perfect for the holiday season 🎅❤️

Nisselandskap by Småfolk

Only one suggestion for the boys today, but what a suggestion it is. We love stripes 💙 A dressy outfit in a cool style from 4 Funky Flavours 🤩 This can be worn at a nice Christmas dinner or just when visiting friends.

Nisselandskap by Småfolk

💫 Get into the Christmas spirit with these Christmassy outfits from MarMar 💫 🎄 These soft authum/winter colors are perfect for this time of year.

Nisselandskap by Småfolk

Your girl wants more fancy clothes? Well look no further. This cute glitter dress from Småfolk and this fancy dress from MarMar with golden stripes combined with best quality tights from Cóndor are perfect for the girl that loves a bit of glamour 🤩❤️

Do you want us to combine a Småkassen for your kids, then don't wait too long. Use the link below and get your next box now.

Happy unpacking!

-Mona & Mark

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