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Going strong

Send: 2020-03-20

Hey Mark,

I hope you are doing well in this time of lock-downs and toilet paper hoarding 🧻

For us, it is pretty much business as usual. Well, in fact, we are busier than ever before. Thankfully, we got Anne-Catherine to join as our new stylist. The first few Småkassen members have already gotten their Småkassen curated and packed by her 🤗

Are your kids ready for some new clothes? If so then why not get your next Småkassen from us right now?

Go here now ❤️👍

For some inspiration, a few boxes we have recently packed for other members 😍

Example box one

Example box two

Example box three

Example box four

Oh, and if your crazy neighbour caught you by surprise and emptied the local store from all the available toilet paper, let us know and we'll send a few with your next Småkassen 😆

We are here to help, even if only a little bit!

For a limited time only, you can now request a toilet role with your Småkassen

Be safe, healthy, and Happy Unpacking.

Mona & Mark

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