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♊️ got twins?

Send: 2019-11-14

Mark, today I want to show you how we made a family in Holland happy with 2 småkasser for their twins.

Twins holdinng their Småkassen

You may have already seen their unboxing video on facebook, if not here is the link 😍

Their two boxes each have 2 outfits.

Twins holdinng their Småkassen

This is the first matching outfit for the twins. A lovely combination from MarMar 🤗 Cord skirt and cord shirt obviously match, but we also looked that the stylish pants 💙 matches the oily blue color in the adorable blouse 💙

Twins holdinng their Småkassen

Romantic outfits for brothers and sisters with matching colours from Krutter. We especially love the olive green colour and the suspenders ❤️

The results.

Sitting on a hay roll, that brings back memories from growing up in Holland 😊 I also remember jumping down several meters down into the hay. So much fun, and stupid considering I have hay fever 🤣

Twins holdinng their Småkassen

The clothes are always selected for their quality, looks, and comfort. So whether they want to have a nice day into town, go to school, or climb a fence, we have you covered.

Twins holdinng their Småkassen

We can of course do the same matching for none twin sibblings as well 😉

Get your next Småkassen now.

Happy unpacking!

-Mona & Mark

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