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Growing so fast! 🐶

Send: 2019-07-30

Hey Mark,

A bit over 5 weeks ago we got our new puppy, Zorro, a black English Cocker Spaniel. So now we are officially a family of 8 😁

Zorro 12 weeks old

In many ways it is very similar to having kids.

But one thing really amazed me.

I know kids grow fast, but man that is nothing compared to Zorro.

In the first 4 weeks we had him, he doubled in size. He literally got twice as big and went from 3 kg to 6 kg!

That is also why they need so much sleep, growing is exhausting!

Sooo happy we don't need to buy clothes for him 😉

Young kids actually do grow fast as well, and updating their wardrobe can quickly get expensive.

Especially in the sizes 56, 62, 68, or 74!

We still have a few Småkassen in these sizes left!

Filled with clothing from previous seasons for a buy 1 get 2 kind of discount.

Summer and some Autumn clothes, and of course in sets that match together.

Our service remains the same, we would not just "dump" clothing on you, you would still get what we believe you would like, but we may need to be a bit more flexible regarding your color selections.

We can offer these in the styles Cute and/or Cool.

For example; order a kr. 1499,-/€ 149,- kassen and get minimally kr. 2999,-/€ 299,- in value!

But order a kr. 1999,-/€ 199,- kassen and get minimally ... that's correct, kr. 3999,-/€ 399,- in value!

So if you need clothes in sizes 56, 62, 68, or 74 and are happy with previous seasons clothing then this is a great offer for you!

Create or update your profile like you would normally on our website

But in step-5 mention you want our "TWO-X" special summer discount box.

Please note: normally we can also order clothing specifically for you, but of course we cannot do that for this amazing discount box. So this offer only lasts for as long as we have supplies.

First come, First serve! So Be Quick!

Happy unpacking!

-Mona & Mark

P.S. You read about this exclusive offer first here, long before we put it on social media (if it get's there at all)!

P.P.S. If you want a regular or Back To School Småkassen then you still get 150 NOK/15 EUR extra value for our smallest Småkassen and up to 1000 NOK/100 EUR extra value for our biggest Småkassen. Different offers don't get added together.

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