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HEADS UP: The Slither is back on the streets!

Send: 2019-11-15

Mark, they are dangerous times to be outside, there is a group with invisible mischiefs called "The Slither" on our roads these days. Numerous people across the country have been the target of different pranks by these punks. Mostly harmful, but sometimes ending in broken bones and even crashed cars.

Police are still grasping at straws as to where this hood will strike next and especially why they seem to prefer this cold and dark time of year. Accordingly to the commissioner: "It is very frustrating, they slipped through our hands a few times, but we have some good leads to follow". Directed to gang he mentioned; "It would be best to turn yourself in. It is a slippery slope from here on down and the charges will just be piling up".

The commissioner advised the public to; "tread carefully when you see them, stay calm and whatever you do, make no sudden moves".

After our initial broadcast, we have been anonymously contacted by the group. Their statement reads as follows:

"Stop calling us by this silly Harry Potter name! We are Black Ice! Remember, we might be right infront of you and you wouldn't even see us!"

No other comments were made at this time.

Tread wisely!

-Mona & Mark

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