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Hedgehogs 🦔

Send: 2019-09-11

One evening, well late at night really, our sweat little puppy Zorro 🐶 that is not so little anymore was making a lot of noice. He was getting a lot better being house trained so this was not normal behaviour.

I quickly let him outside on the balcony and nothing... he just laid down outside 🙄

So I took him inside again in his bench and went to bed. But then he started again...

I thought he must have too much energy so at around 03:30 I took him out for a walk, and as we walked past the house he got really excited again. And then I noticed it, there was a small hedgehog stuck in a net that keeps cats away from the playground sandbox 🦔

Then Zorro's behavior suddenly made sence 😊

I tied Zorro to a fence and quickly went inside, I grabbed the dog nail clippers and an oven glove, on to the resque. I carefully cut a few of the ropes, the hedgehog was all rolled up now, but 3 or 4 cuts and he/she (I have no clue) was free again. It quickly ran to the nearby bushes and was gone.

I finished the walk with Zorro and when we returned back home we saw the hedgehog wandering around, looking for food.

We both went to our own beds and slept the rest of the night without interuptions 🤗

(the hidden lesson here is that behaviour is almost always reactive, also with kids. I.e. there is a reason, we just need to find it).

Now the reason I am telling you this is because of this picture Mona sent me. It is of a Småkassen that she is currently preparing for a little boy 🦔💚💙


Maybe you want to order your own Småkassen here

Happy unpacking!

-Mona & Mark

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