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I don't want to eat!

Send: 2019-10-09

Hi Mark ❤️

We have 5 kids, and most of them eat very well, our youngest even likes my spicy food. But we have one who is not a great eater, and of course, is also the skinny one.

You have to eat. It is not good for you if you don't eat.

This ofcourse never helps, nor does forcing it.

Research actually found that moms with fussy, slow or problem eaters tended to be those who pushed their kids more to eat. Oops, talk about backfiring.

So what my mom always told me, You have to finish your plate, is exactly what we should not be saying. I told you so mom!

The best strategy to get your kids to eat is to not pressure your kids to eat!

Think about it, you have a plate infront of you full with something you really really don't like, in my case tomatoes. Yes I know, I am weird, who doesn't like tomatoes?


And your parents, those who you trust and love get annoyed or even angry at you for not eating it. Or maybe they try to beg or bribe you into eating it.

If you eat 3 bites then you'll get "...magic reward...".

Still not liking those tomatoes I can tell you, and generally not very happy with the whole situation either.

What does presure look like?
  • “Broccoli is good for you, just have a bite.”
  • “I just made this whole dinner for the last two hours, the least you could do is eat some.”
  • “I’ll let you watch the iPAD if you eat your dinner.”
  • “If you just eat the rest of your potatoes, you can have a cookie for dessert.”
  • “Oh, YAY!!!!!!!!! You had a bite of apple!!! Whoop! Whoop!”
These are just a few examples, but I think you are starting to get the idea. If you are bribing, rewarding, distracting, begging, shaming, coaxing, or even praising your kids to get them to eat, then you are pressuring them.

So stop pressuring them, if they are healthy then their internal system knows better, we need to learn to accept that they may not be hungry. However, we should create some rules around eating and more about that in a future post.

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-Mona & Mark

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