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I think you are in our seats 🧐

Send: 2019-07-21

Last Friday I bought tickets for "Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood" so we could watch it together on Saturday.

So we got ready, went to the cinema.

They scanned our tickets.

We found our seats.

But, there are already people sitting there?

Apparently I bought tickets on Pre-Sale, 1 month into the future 😥

The tickets got released on Friday for a movie release 1 month later also on a Friday, I just saw Friday and thought no I need tickets for tomorrow and I ordered for Saturday.

I completely missed that it was for a different month.

Buying things online can be confusing, even for such simple things like buying movie tickets.

Buying kids clothing is more complicated, is it the right size, will it be the right fit, and finally will it match together?

Have you ever bought something only to find out it wasn't what you thought?

We can help you prevent these simple mistakes, and create a super surprise for you at the same time.

Why not let us do your kids clothing shopping for you

You get 150 NOK/15 EUR extra value for our smallest Småkassen and 1000 NOK/100 EUR extra value for our biggest Småkassen.

Oh and it looks like we have a date next month 😍

Happy unpacking!

-Mona & Mark

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