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Introducing: Småkassen Gift Cards

Forward this to your parents 😆

Send: 2019-10-23

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder and we all know what that means; it is time to start thinking about what to get someone for x-mas 🤶🎄🎅

Well then we have something special for you; introducing the Småkassen Gift Card.

Sofia unboxing her Småkassen
Take the guessing out of gifting kids clothing. With a Småkassen gift card for parents and their kids, we will combine a gift box with quality clothes, in the styles their parents love.

Give a Småkassen experience to someone special!

Do you want to give someone the experience of unpacking their Småkassen?

Give them a Småkassen Gift Card

Happy unpacking!

-Mona & Mark

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