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Meet Anne-Catherine, our new stylist

Send: 2020-03-17

Hey Mark,

Only a few days ago, we asked for someone to join the team and help out with packing your Småkassen, and today we are talking with Anne-Catherine as she just joined Småkassen as a part-time stylist.

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Hi Anne-Catherine, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Yeah, I am originally from Belgium, but we moved to Norway about ten years ago, my origins are actually from Italy, and I am together with a Portuguese. And together we have a 20-month-old boy called Nicolas.

I used to work in the hospitality industry as a manager of a Hostel here in Bergen, and I am used to making people happy.

How did you hear about that we needed help?

Well, I am a Småkassen customer and have received multiple Småkassen for Nicolas.

I love the whole idea of receiving a surprise box filled with clothes; I really like the brands you have. In Belgium, I am not used to these Scandinavian designs, so it was a great way to get introduced to them.

So, I always keep an eye out on your Instagram account to see what clothes you put out there, and I saw the post about needing help. So I contacted you about that.

I already knew a little bit about working for Småkassen as I helped with the French translation of the previous website.

That is right; I can add that we are also happy to add a suitably French speaker to the team. You will also help translate the new website into French again.

Yes, I think most French people don't like reading in English so I think it would really help to have a French website.

You started yesterday and have already packed your first few Småkassen. How did that go?

Well, everything is still very new, of course, the system you use and finding clothes that match a profile is still taking a bit of time. Mona has, of course, been very helpful in pointing me in the right direction. She also still checks what I select for our Småkassen members to make sure it is a good pick. Even though I know most of the brands, I, of course, don't know what we have in storage. The system helps a lot with this, though.

It is a very different job than I had before, so there is still a lot to learn. But this far it has been a lot of fun!

Thank you, Anne-Catherine, for this talk, but mostly for joining our growing company!


So that was big, this is the first person helping us with packing Småkassen! Till next time!

Be safe, healthy, and Happy Unpacking.

Mona & Mark

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