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New beginnings

Send: 2019-08-21

Today we got such a nice e-mail from Line, she was telling us about how excited Martin was to start at the "storbarnsavdeling" (kids 3-6) at kindergarten.

"Martin was ready for new adventures today. The "storbarnsavdeling" in kindergarten awaits and the small kids department is a completed chapter. With new clothes from Molo (selected from the drawer by Martin himself) he was ready for another kindergarten year. In the bag is a lunchbox and bottle from Blafre. And the labels are a big hit with both Martin and Dad 🤣🤣"

Thank you for sharing this with us Line & Martin, we hope you had an awesome day at kindergarten!

Marting ready for kindergarten - in front of a Mustang

How cool is this picture, cool clothes standing in front of a cool Mustang. Do you think he get's to borrow it when he old enough?

Marting ready for kindergarten - a bag full with Blafre items

All these items were in Martin' kidergarten box, but the Molo clothes came from an earlier Småkassen.

The bottle and lunchbox are from Brafre, the labels are from Pinklabel. In this case Martin already had a good backpack, else this could also be found in his kindergarten box.

Are you looking for a new outfit for your kids, perhaps something for school or kindergarten, then you may want to give us a try

Happy unpacking!

-Mona & Mark

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