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New, strong sustainability move by Molo

GOTS certification

Send: 2019-07-10

Hey Mark😊

Today we got some awesome news from one of the brands we work with, Molo!

Molo is now GOTS certified, which means we offer organic childrenswear that meets the strictest social and environmental standards throughout the entire manufacturing process.

GOTS stands for The Global Organic Textile Standard, and Molo has chosen this certification because it is recognized as the world’s leading and toughest processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres. Additionally, it defines high-level environmental standards along the entire organic textile supply chain and requires compliance with social standards as well. Furthermore, workers are paid a living wage and not just minimum wage. It should also be highlighted that GOTS is a guarantee that no harmful chemicals will be used in the final product.

This is great news for us parents that always want the best for their kids!

You may already get Molo' GOTS certified clothing in your Småkassen as early as the Autumn / Winter 2019 collection.

Go here, and order your småkasse.

Happy unpacking!

-Mona & Mark

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