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Not fair 😡

Send: 2019-08-12

When you have kids in different ages then you have to set different rules. And a big one is when they need to get to bed (I mentioned how much sleep kids need in my previous email).

If you have kids close together you may get away with getting them to bed at the same time. However, this often results in the younger one going to bed past their proper bedtime.

In our case we have 5 kids, the oldest Milo (13) and the youngest Adelina (3), so this won't work for us. On top of that Milo doesn't need as much sleep, but Thalia (11) does (even though she thinks not).

And especially now that the rules need to be tightend again, after the summer break, we get resistance. Interestingly, not so much from Adelina, but Neo (9) and Cattleya (7) are not happy about it 😊

How do we solve this?

First of all, we talk about why we have these rules. We explain why they need their sleep, and why Milo and Thalia get by with less sleep.

And this works, reasoning usually does reasonably well.

But sometimes we turn the roles around!

Like now we told Cattleya; you can stay up with us and watch a movie while everybody else goes to bed early.

We tell the other kids they have to go to bed so we can have a special night alone with Cattleya.

And we rotate this, not on a schedule, but we try to keep it fair. A schedule makes it less of a special thing, and more something they expect to happen. And ofcourse not on a school night 😉

So far this has worked really well for us. It is also a nice way to connect a bit more.


Here is Cattleya chilling in one of our Fatboys wearing her Lilleba pyjamas. Lilleba has the softest and most comfortable night wear we know off.

Maybe you'll get it in your next Småkassen

Happy unpacking!

-Mona & Mark

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