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Our family business

Send: 2020-03-25

We had our five kids home from school / kindergarten since Friday the 13th (no kidding). I have been working from home as I do consulting work in addition to Småkassen. Thankfully I can do that remote. So while working I can also help the kids with their homework and keep them entertained, or at least I try, so that Mona can keep packing all your Småkassen 🤗

We try to maintain some schedule, we do homework in the morning, and relax a bit in the afternoon. But in a small house like ours there is nowhere to go and that results in some irritations here and there. Naturally. I can only imagine how the families in Italy are holding up as they have had this for a much longer time.

Today we heard that the schools would stay closed minimally until April the 13th 😱 that is another three weeks of homeschooling minimally. Poor kids, this even includes a week of vacation. So that week nothing changes except that they don't have homework...

But it is also very nice to see the older kids help the younger kids with their homework, they are also a bit more creative in the kitchen, and I send them out to play together (no friends allowed) when it is quiet outside.

At Småkassen, things go as they should be, Mona, and now also Anne-Catherine are packing like crazy. Here take a look at this video that shows how much thought Mona puts in combining a Småkassen. 😍

While kids' clothes are naturally not the most important thing, I would ask that if you do need some clothes, you order a Småkassen from us. Every order we get helps keep our family business going. ❤️

That is it for this small update, from our family and business. 🤗

Be safe, healthy, and Happy Unpacking.

Mona & Mark

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