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Our lovely handwritten cards from Belle and Boo

Send: 2020-04-03

Hi Mark, here is something for the kids,

If you have ever received a Småkassen from us, then you know it comes with a lovely handwritten card. When we started, we had our cards using the design you know from our website. And they were fun, they did the job, but they're no-where near as beautiful as the cards from Belle and Boo. So when we ran out of our cards, we happily switched to Belle and Boo.

We picked the cards from Belle and Boo because each card is a small piece of art. Their retro cards fit our Småkassen brand so well, we didn't have a choice. Their many designs sometimes make selecting the right card for the right box a difficult exercise; they are all so cool/cute 😉

Today we are expecting a delivery from them with a bunch of new cards. But, our delivery may very well have been the last delivery they were allowed to send from their warehouse in the UK. Due to the virus, they have to close down their warehouse.

As a company that sends out physical goods ourselves, we fully appreciate the dilemma Belle and Boo are facing right now.

Thankfully, they have a digital product as well.

I am assuming Milo, Thalia, and Neo are getting bored out of their mind right now as schools and kindergartens are closed (in most cases). So, I figured that this would probably be a perfect fit for you, Mark, as long as you have access to a printer.

So now, you can download their retro designs as coloring sheets allowing your kids to express how they see the world with some guidance from Belle and Boo.

Ice Cream Colouring In Sheet

Belle Pirate Colouring In Sheet

The Gift of Boo Colouring In Sheet

Most of these downloads are free, but some have a small charge attached to help them keep their business going. Like this fantastic dress-up Belle, which comes with many free downloadable outfits.

Dress up Belle

Please check them all out here and share the fun!

Be safe, healthy, and Happy Unpacking.

Mona & Mark

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