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Småkassen went on a SECRET mission!

...suspence music playing in the background...

Send: 2019-10-10

A few weeks ago we (Adelina, Mona, and Mark) went on a secret mission 🤫

The alarm went off at 04:00, which in our family is super mega early 😴 We got ready, made sure not to wake Thalia and Milo (Cattleya and Neo where at a sleepover with friends, thank you, Tine 💛). And got into the car for a short drive to the airport.

Our plane left at 06:15 and took us further East.

Adelina and Mona

We landed a bit over an hour later at Oslo airport, we then took the train into Oslo central on our way to the secret event.

The secret event

We were invited by Finansavisen to audition for Norges Vext-Selskap (Norway's growth company) their new TV initiative 🤩

Nine other companies joined us that day, and another ten had been there the day before.

Team Pictures

Out of the 20 companies from the pre-selection, only 10 would continue to the next round! We were among the first 20 to be invited for auditions!

The cool thing about getting into the final 10 is that Finansavisen would film us for one day to show what it is like to be Småkassen. This means extra publicity and also a great opportunity to show our inner company to the rest of the world.

Later out of the 10 finalists one winner will be chosen as the next growth company.

What did we have to do?

The task was simple, have a 3-minute presentation followed by 7 minutes of questions in front of a jury panel.

While being filmed 😅

Of course, we prepared our pitch together and felt confident. But we were also given the opportunity to talk to a pitching coach, which we happily accepted. Only to be told that the whole pitch needed to be done differently.

Talk about a nasty last-minute surprise.

So suddenly all preparations went down the drain, on top of that right after this session we were interviewed for some sound bites and our back story.

We were running out of time.

In the end, we had about 10 minutes to redo our entire pitch before we were asked to present it in front of the judges. Personally, I (Mark) like improvisation, but this was pushing it to the limit. Mona was really not happy about it 😁

But, just like how we run Småkassen, we went for it 1000 % and did the best we could.

The pitch

They guide you into the room, and tell you; Walk towards the dot on the floor and when you are there your 3 minutes start!

Good luck!

So you walk towards the dot and there are a lot of lights, AND several cameras pointed at you. Three nice enough looking judges are sitting in front of you, waiting. Did someone say, scary?

3 minutes is also hard, as it is not a lot of time to say everything you want to explain about your baby (aka Småkassen). So we did the pitch and answered the questions. And then as quickly as it started it was done.

Ugh, that did not go very well 😔

That one judge rolled his eyes to you! Really 😔 why? I think because you interrupted him...

Knowing we could have done so much better, thinking we should have never gone to that coaching session...

...let's just leave and spend some time in Oslo.

We didn't leave, we stayed till the end, we started it, so we are finishing it!

Afterward, we did enjoy Oslo, thankfully I booked a late return to Bergen (a lot cheaper that way) so we could walk around a bit and eat some sushi (which was surprisingly good).

Adelina in Oslo

The one thing I was mostly worried about, well that is before they told us "your pitch is no good", was how Adelina would be holding up. We took her along as we didn't want her to be with someone else for this long.

But she was amazing!

Adelina super tired after a long day

In fact, all the kids did an amazing job, when we came home everything was as it should be. The oldest two took care of the dog and put the two younger ones to bed when they came home from their friends.

And they did not even complain about it 😁

The flight back home

We left home around 05:00 and were back around 21:30, it was a long and tiresome day.

But, did we make the cut?

Watch it here: Vext episode 2

Curious what all the fuss is about? Try for yourself and order your own Småkassen here

Happy unpacking!

-Mona & Mark

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