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So what that it rains 🌧

Send: 2019-08-06

Did you know that we have lived together in Bergen 3 times already? And each time we moved away it was mainly because of the rain. For those unaware of this fact; Bergen is the rainy capital of Europe, maybe even the world.

When I lived in Holland I didn't like rain, but it didn't bother me too much. But in Bergen my relation to rain quickly became one of great irritation. Mostly because it never seems to stop, and once you feel so negative you only see the negative, because Bergen sure has many wonderful days as well.

The previous 2 times when we moved here, we lasted about 2.5 years before we had enough and wanted to moved to the sun. We either lived in Bergen (NO) or Loenen (NL) or in a sunny place somewhere down south.

But everytime we lived in one of those nice and warm countries, Mona would say, she missed the rain. She's completely nuts was my first reaction.

But the thing is here in Norway, they teach the kids that life doesn't stop because of the weather. At school and kindergarten the kids will play outside, rain, snow, or sun it doesn't matter.

"There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes"

Waterproof rain suits and warm winter suits and proper shoes/boots is all that is needed to make being outside enjoyable no matter the weather.

Or so I am told, as for me, rain still is no fun (I however do like snow).

"We don't challenge the elements, we adapt to them"

That is Didriksons slogan, a company that specialises in rain and winter outfits. And one of our new brands that we are happy to welcome to SmÄkassen.

You may find Didriksons in your kindergarten box or back to school box, and you can request it in the normal kassenn as well.

You can order your own SmÄkassen right here at

Happy unpacking!

-Mona & Mark

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