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Special requests; a Småkassen full with wool!

Send: 2019-09-26

Normally we are completely free to select clothing for our Småkassen members as long as it matches your profile and we believe that you will love it ❤️

But sometimes we get a special request, like this one. Silje asked us to only select first layer woolen clothes for Millanne as that was what she was missing in her wardrobe.

A box full with wool

These type of requests can sometimes be challenging especially when they are big orders like this one. But it is also very rewarding to deliver what our members want and need.

In this case Mona selected clothes from the following brands:

4 different sets from Hust and Claire
2 different sets from MeMini
1 set from Gullkorn
1 top from MarMar

You'll notice that there is still a good variation of colors, but all within the colors indicated in the profile Silje created for Millanne.

We will never give you something just because we have it in storage!

We often place additional orders with our brands if we don't have the items that match a profile in stock ourselves. On very rare occasions we will even buy clothes in normal shops, just to make your Småkassen perfect.

Do you have specifc wishes? Don't let that stop you, we do our best to make everybody happy!

Try for yourself and order your own Småkassen here

Happy unpacking!

-Mona & Mark

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