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Super cute twins wearing Shirley Bredal

Send: 2019-07-14

Hey Mark😊

Today I am sharing a picture shared by Angelica of her super cute twins Leo and Holly, both wearing a matching Rainbow 🌈 romper from Shirley Bredal.

Go here to see the picture:

Did you know that the clothes from Shirley Bredal are all hand-knitted and made from natural fibers. Pure clothing is not only better for children's bodies, it has a much longer lifespan than synthetic clothing when washed properly and ultimately, is better for the environment.

But Shirley Bredal has also done a lot for many woman in Napel when she moved her whole opperations to Kathmandu in 2008. She has now empowered many women knitters by providing them with honest and good paying jobs so that they can take care of their families themselves.

Beautiful clothes and beautiful ethics combined, you can be proud to have you child wear something from Shirley Bredal!

Go here and order your own småkasse.

Happy unpacking!

-Mona & Mark

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