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The concept of time ⏰

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Send: 2019-10-12

We are going in 20 minutes! or We are going on vacation in 2 days are very hard concepts to understand for smaller kids.

Kids under 3 don't have a true concept of time, so it makes very little sence to try and communicate in those ways. They will start understanding things like soon and wait (all though wait remains hard even for much older kids 😆).

But after 3 years old they start to begin to understand concepts like before and after. So then you can start to explain events in that manner. I.e. We are going after you finished lunch or we need to brush your teeth before you go to bed.

When they get 4 to 5, they begin to use words like; before, after, day, night, morning, yesterday, right now, later, in a moment, etc. but the duration remains vague. Saying We will leave after dinner will make much more sense than we will leave in 15 minutes. Similarly, We will eat dinner when daddy comes back from work would be easier to understand than We will eat at 5:00.

After that time begins to make meaning, all though not until ages 6 to 8 will time truly be understood.

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-Mona & Mark

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