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The thing I like most about autumn 🍂🍁

Send: 2019-08-08

Hint, it is not the weather 😊

No, I love all the different colors nature produces in autumn, from bright yellow, gold, orange and red.

But, do you know why the leafes change color?


Bless you!

Haha 😁, no, chlorophyll is a pigment that is inside the leafes and it uses the energy from the sun to make food for the plants — simple sugars which are produced from water and carbon dioxide.

The chlorophyll's green color dominates and "hides" the colors of any other pigments that may be present in the leaf, making the leaf look completely green.

The chlorophyll is "used up" while it makes plant food. During the growing season, however, the plant makes sure there is a ready supply of chlorophyll so the leaves stay green. And more importantly, keep making food.

But, in late summer, as daylight hours shorten and temperatures cool, the veins that carry fluids in and out of the leaf are gradually closed.

And with the veins closed, the plant cannot renew the supply of chlorophyll and the leaf starts to slowly go empty on it which also makes it loose its green color.

So in autumn, leafes start showing their true colors, often beautiful!

Why am I telling you this now?

Well with the brands releasing their new collections I got reminded about the beautiful autumn colors.

Here take a look yourself and tell me these new colors from Gullkorn aren't beautiful!

As on our Instagram:

Do you love these colors as well? You may find them in your next Småkassen?

Happy unpacking!

-Mona & Mark

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