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Three of a kind 📦📦📦

Send: 2019-08-24

Today we want to show you a special delivery.

Monika asked us to prepare a box for her 3 boys; Lars Fredrik (9), Johan (6) and Tommy (1).

She wanted simple clothing without too many prints. The clothes should be for regular use. But are also to be used for a photoshoot and therefore she asked that they should match together.

This is not an easy task as many brands only go up to 128 in size, and on top of that, baby clothes (up to 86) often also are in different styles than the kids clothes.

In short, there are not many options when you want the same clothes in sizes 86, 128 and 140.

Thee bboxes opening animation

But after some searching Mona found some nice matching outfits combined from the brands Wheat, Krutter and MeMini.

The same set in three different sizes

The outfits have 2 different shirts so Monika could see what was best for the pictures. The suspender belts are a nice finishing touch.

We hope that some amazing memories are being created 📸💛

Are you also looking for clothes for a special occasion, then maybe you want to let us find it for you?

You may order your Småkassen here and tell us about your special wishes in the comment field.

Happy unpacking!

-Mona & Mark

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