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To much Facebook

Send: 2019-12-17

Hey Mark,

When we started in 2017 we used Facebook to introduce ourselves to potential Småkassen members and at that time this was a good option for us. It worked so well that the same night we released our service into the wild we got our first members 😁

It is very likely that you got introduced to us via Facebook or Instagram. But unfortunately times are changing and using Facebook is becoming less and less interesting to reach new parents.

So we are shifting gears again, we decided that instead of giving more money to Facebook we want to give more value to you, our Småkassen members.

Get fifteen procent extra value in your Småkassen, for example 1500 becomes 1725 and 3000 becomes 3450, ect...

This experiment lasts for as long as it does 😉

Have you seen the Superhero program as this basically doubles your powers! (questions, let me know).

Happy Unpacking!

Mona & Mark

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