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Send: 2020-01-01

Happy New Year Mark 🎉

We hope the new year brings you lots of joy and happiness ❤️ May all your dreams come true!

We were luckly enough to celebrate with friends where we would have an amazing view of the Bergen fireworks.

We could not only see and hear the fireworks, we could actually feel the rockets explode high in the air, creating their beautiful flowers using precily orchestrated colored fire 💥

I missed part of it; Adelina only realized she liked the fireworks much better inside than outside when we took our first steps outside. We told her before trying it, but she wouldn't have it. Sometimes they just have to make that realization themselves.

Thankfully Zorro (our dog) didn't seen to care about any of it (we did not take him outside though).

I planned on showing you a nice video off the fireworks, but I got a picture instead 🤗

Bergen Fireworks

I pressed the wrong button on my phone 😝 oh well...

Happy Unpacking!

Mona & Mark

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