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Wait for it, wait for it!

Send: 2019-08-17

"Wait for it, wait for it! Anticipation is half the fun, So I've been told..."
-Phil Collins

Waiting for your birthday, christmas, going on vacation, your first day at school, your first kiss... The list goes on and on.

Anticipation is the act of looking forward to something. And in my own experience, the longer you have to wait the greater the excitement.

F.ex. a few weeks ago I bought tickets to "Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood" with the idea of seeing it the next day.

But I made a mistake and it wasn't released for a few weeks later, today to be exact (you can read my email about that here)

I can tell you, I was excited to see it that day, but I am even more excited to see it tonight, I hope 😉

We work very hard to prepare all Småkassen orders as soon as possible, but it will generally still take a few days before we can start on it, and about 2 work days to get it shipped to you.

This is because every kassen is specifically curated for you.

We hope this just ads to the excitement 🤗

Do you want to experience what it feels like to receive your own Småkassen? Then you may order one here

Happy unpacking!

-Mona & Mark

P.S. We are walking out the door now to enjoy an evening together and a greatly anticipated movie 🥰

P.S.S. Thank you already for all the amazing brand suggestions!

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