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What does a 'Back To School' Småkassen contain?

Your questions answered

Send: 2019-07-25

After our previous email we got a few questions:

How is a Back To School kasse different from a normal Småkassen?

Our Back To School kasse is of course tailored to your unique wishes, just like a normal småkasse.

It contains clothing selected specifically for your child, with school in mind.

And it may also contain specific items for school like a pencil case, gym bag, lunchbox, drinking bottle and fun name tags. If you don't need some of these items then just leave a comment about that in your order.

How do I order a Back To School kasse?

Atm you just write "Back To School" in your order and we will do the rest, later this will be done more properly 😉

When will the Back To School kasse be delivered?

Depending on when you place your order we will of course try to deliver it before school starts 😊

Let us help you prepare for school and make it a great experience 🤗

Order yours here:

Back to School - Småkassen
This is just an example, they are all tailored to your unique wishes.

Happy unpacking!

-Mona & Mark

P.S. You get 150 NOK/15 EUR extra value for our smallest Småkassen and 1000 NOK/100 EUR extra value for our biggest Småkassen.

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