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When you assume you make an ASS out of U and ME

10-20 % extra value in your Småkassen

Send: 2019-07-18

Making assumptions is probably the root cause for most (maybe all) failed projects, it was the main reason why my previous startup failed.

Of course we ask things, but people are "nice" and they tell you what you want to hear. So in the end you start relying on your assumptions.

And then it goes wrong.

With Småkassen we went a different route, we experiment, because that will tell us the true story.

In fact, when we started we had nothing but a nice website, no clothes, no deals with brands, nothing. And we started selling, just to see if people liked what we sold.

We went to regular stores and fulfilled the orders we got, only when we saw people loved our idea we went further and started implementing things properly.

For anything new, pricing is the hardest assumption to solve.

We want to offer more than a great surprise and lots of time saved. We want to also save you money.

But, we can't do what normal stores do and put everything in storage at a mega discount, because when they are sold out they are done, but when you order a Småkassen we need to deliver.

We can't just say, sorry we don't have any clothes in your style anymore, try a different store maybe you get lucky there.

That is not the service we provide.

For a long time we said, you get what you pay for, but we want to do more, so here is a new experiment.

Depending on the kassen size you select you get between 10 % and 20 % extra value in your Småkassen (so extra clothes and accessories).

If you like everything we selected you have gotten this extra value for free, but when you return things you just pay regular retail prices for what you keep (but never more than the budget you selected).

We have experimented with some sort of discount before, but that proved to be too confusing, so we hope this makes more sense now.

Tell us what you think.

We will run this experiment during summer, if successful maybe longer, so if you want to benefit then order your Småkassen now

Happy unpacking!

-Mona & Mark

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