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It is getting colder

Send: 2020-01-04

Hi Mark,

We finally got something resembling snow in Bergen, it wasn't much and that what fell down didn't stay on the ground for even a miniscul second.

I love snow, but not the type we get here in Bergen, here it doesn't properly stay. Here it becomes slush and not the type you get in a cup at the bowling alley, no this one only comes in the colors brown and almost black.

When we lived in Friedrichshafen, in the southern part of Germany, we could drive 1 to 2 hours into Swiss or Austria and go ski, that was fun. Of course in Bergen we can also drive 2 hours and get snow, but somehow it is not really the same as going into the Alps 🏂🏔

lol growing up in Holland we were super excited when we could ride on a sledge down a hill 😆

And that one winter near Oslo, when it was -20, staying inside was super nice as well!

Do you have all the clothes you need for Milo, Thalia and Neo?

Happy Unpacking!

Mona & Mark

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