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Why does it rain?

Send: 2019-08-05

I love to challange our kids, when they have questions then they won't just get answers. No instead I would ask them questions in return.

A typical question in Bergen could be; why does it rain so much?

So I would ask; where does the rain come from?

From the clouds!

Yes, but why would it rain more here than in other places?

I don't know?

What do we have here which we didn't have when we lived in Holland? Look around!


Exactly, we have mountains all around us. So the wind blows the clouds towards us and then they get caught by the mountains. But the wind keeps pushing them.

So if you would stand below some stairs with a few heavy bags and more and more people would come-in because of the strong wind. Until there was no more space, what would you do?

I would go up the stairs.

But if the bags are too heavy to cary them up the stairs what would you do then?

I would leave them downstairs.

So what can clouds do when they are too heavy to go over the mountains?

They can make it rain!

Exactly, clouds loose the extra water they are carrying in order to get over the mountains.

I hope that this will help my kids question things instead of just remembering answers to questions, they have enough of that at school.

In fact I want them to think outside the box!

They should question what people tell them and what others want them to think.

Talking about boxes, have you seen our new Småkassen box? It is fun to get, fun to see and fun to play with (just ask our kids).

Adelina opening the box
It was windy but, thankfully no heavy clouds

The box is made from minimally 80-90 % recycled materials, and is recyclable again as well.

You can order your own Småkassen right here at

Happy unpacking!

-Mona & Mark

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