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Terms & Conditions

SMÅKASSEN AS (hereinafter referred to as “we” or “our”) operates the website at We give you the opportunity to register your personal information, preferences and taste in the area of fashion and lifestyle into our website. We use the information you provided to select fashion articles of any kind for your child with the hope that you like everything.


All prices are stated in the currency you selected and including VAT. The total cost will include all expenses associated with the purchase such as postage, shipping and packaging.

There is NO styling fee.


Are you not happy with the purchase? No problem! You have 90 days to return the items we selected for you.

When you return items, we will calculate your refund based on the remaining items and their regular retail value.

It is important that the returned goods contain all labels and tags. They must also not be used, washed or damaged. The goods must be submitted to us along with a small note saying who you are.

If you want to use our return labels the a return fee of kr. 200 / € 20 will be deducted from your refund amount, this also applies for when a package is undeliverable..

You are free to arrange the returns yourself, in which case no return fee is deducted from your refund amount.

Contact us at after you have finalized your delivery (link in the delivered email) to arrange a return label and instructions on how to arrange a pickup.

How to get free returns

We will pay for the return if:

  1. You keep at least half the value of your delivery.
  2. And you finalize your order within 7 days after delivery (using the link in your delivered email).

Restocking fee

A restocking fee of kr. 200 / € 20 will be deducted from your refund if the items have not been returned within 28 days after delivery of your Småkassen.

Why have these fees?

It is important that the items you return can be given to an other Småkassen member as soon as possible. Therefore we want to reward people who act fast.


You cancel your subscription by sending an e-mail to

Pictures and Videos

By submitting a picture or video to Småkassen, you agree that Småkassen has full rights to the image, and has the right to use and share the image, with and without logo.


By registering at you agree to receive e-mail and / or SMS regarding your order, specific system notifications or future reminders. When you select the marketing checkbox during registration you agree that we may also send your relevant marketing information and offers. We only send relevant advertising and offers.

Bergen, Norway, 7. May 2017